25 thoughts on “LEGO custom Lada Niva (Лада Нива) / VAZ-2121 MOC – Thank you Russian fans!

  1. Uniquely Russian and exceptionally cool? Not a hammer and sickle or a bust
    of Stalin? XD

    Just kidding. You guys are awesome! So as this Lego, it’s freaking awesome!

  2. Hey JANG, how come you chose to make a MOC from Russia. So are you going to
    make MOC’s from other countries?

  3. The only way it could truly be Russian would be if you ordered the peices
    from Russia 

  4. 40 years ago the language of peace was music, today is it Lego?

    Honestly, I though the only thing that were produced over there were
    Moskvitch cars and vans. I do think your mock looks a bit cooler than the
    actual car.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Hey jang! Cool coincidence, CrazyRussianHacker just posted a lego life hack
    video!!! Check it out man.

  6. That’s a nice 4-wide Niva MOC, Jang. It’s hard to do interior details and
    rear seats in this scale, but all exterior work is almost perfect and
    highly recognizable. We got this car IRL and despite the fact that this
    Niva eats from 10 to 12 liters of gasoline – it’s perfect for outdoor use
    and climbing mountains 🙂

    Thank you, Jang, for this beatiful mockup.

  7. glad to see that western propaganda hasnt gotten to your head in the sense
    that you dont hate everything and anything thats russian

  8. kool car… i had to google it and you did a great job making it look like
    the real one.

  9. Hello Jang! I’m from Russia and I really like your videos! For me this is a
    very nice replica of Russian Niva in minifigure scale! Thank you, Jang, for
    this video!

  10. This vehicle was pretty common in Azerbaijan; home land of my parents. I
    remember being in one of these in one of my visits there. Very nostalgic to

  11. The hood and roof should’ve been some plain plates instead of the special
    brick. In reality the Niva is way more squared looking than this MOC makes
    it seem like.

  12. Lada cars are used in Serbia as well.
    I was thinking of buying one when I have to go to a raspberry farm that my
    grandad owns. It’s in steep terrain and the car would save us energy for
    harvesting. >_<

  13. jang u should try building a fiat 126p or 125p its a polish car with huge
    history any pole u ask about it he will no it

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