25 thoughts on “LEGO Scooby Doo The Mystery Machine reviewed! set 75902

  1. You should put this in your city! It would be cool to see the Mystery
    Machine and the gang trying to figure out a mystery

  2. Hey i just got this set today before watching your video, and I agree there
    are too many stickers but they make it 100% cooler, printing probably would
    have made the set cost more so im ok with the extra 5 mins to put stickers
    on. BTW thanks for all the videos, you do an awesome job reviewing and
    putting your time and effort into the Lego brand. This is my first comment
    and i look forward to more videos coming soon!

  3. Too bad they alterd The Mystery Machine by having all the tech in the back.
    Originally Scooby Doo and Shaggy would sit back there and it was empty. But
    I guess its more play value for the kids.

  4. It is definitely a must buy because it has THE MYSTERY MACHINE! Never
    would have thought LEGO would ever produce LEGO Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo
    definitley brings back nestalgia. 🙂 ………… too bad there’s no
    Scooby Snacks in the LEGO Scooby Doo line.

  5. Overall a very cool set. Not to knit-pick, but computer screens? They had
    flat panels in the 60’s? Eh, why not?

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Maybe the tape on the back of the van is supposed to represent latches for
    the doors. 

  7. You think this vehicle is large? I think it’s too small!

    It doesn’t even fit all five of the main characters at once which i really
    don’t like!! Maybe if you use the sitting down version of scooby doo you
    can also fit Velma and Daphne in the back of the van but that isn’t really
    accurate to the show.

    In my opinion they really needed to make the drivers-cabin bigger to fit
    all five minifigures. Just make the back part a little bit smaller.

  8. I’m not interested in any of the other sets but I have to get this one just
    for the Mystery Machine and for my childhood!

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  10. All those stickers would drive me nuts – especially the large tree sticker.
    I like that the zombie doesn’t have an alternate face though, the alternate
    reveal faces look really odd to me.

  11. Damn it, why do none of the sets have the whole gang? I mean I suspect why,
    I just don’t want to believe that Lego might be evil.

  12. If You put sitting version of Scooby,I think You can put a whole gang in
    Mystery machine

  13. Another great video, Jang.
    I totally wanna get this set.
    How do I get these sets from Warner Bros?
    And is it free to do so?
    You should play Lego Dimension when it comes out.
    12th Doctor will be in it and you should get the Lego Ideas set he’s in.


    Don’t grow up. I’m 15. I keep a large collection of halo mega bloks under
    my bed and today I started putting them back in their boxes because I kept
    them so I could do reviews but I never did and I know want to pass them
    down to my future children and taking them apart is the harder than putting
    them together at least future generations will be able to enjoy them

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