25 thoughts on “Built in 60 seconds: LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory 21302

  1. i think this set looks quite bad, personally the figures are the only value

  2. Another great video, Jang.
    I personally hate The Big Bang Theory and feel it’s an insult to geek
    I feel that anyone who watches that show will never understand geek culture.
    Is there finally a Lego Ideas Doctor Who set or Lego Ideas Portal set?
    Chell and the Doctor are gong to be in Lego Dimensions.
    I get to go look for the TARDIS in the woods today.

  3. You should rename the series “Built in 59, 60 or 61 seconds, depending on
    YouTube’s random mood, minus the time of the intro and outro”.

  4. Damn, this just feels wrong, I wonder if we’re gonna get this at my job, EU
    TRU are sadly smaller and get things way later, at least in Sweden.

  5. Want, want, want…
    They say the big bang was instantaneous, but you made it last 60 seconds…

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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