21 thoughts on “Built in 60 seconds: LEGO Ninjago Titan Mech Battle 70737

  1. One thing that I really like about Ninjago is how it’s come full circle.
    They started fighting Undead, then Snakefolk, then Constructed Beings with
    the Skeletons, Snake Tribes, and Stone Warriors.
    Then they fought constructs, snakefolk, and finally, at the end, undead
    with the Nindroids, Anacondrai, and the Morro.
    There and Back Again: A ninja’s take.

  2. That ghost robot looks like the samurai mech from 2012 I believe and nice
    to see those Hero Factory 3.0 spike armor back.

  3. I always wished that Lego mechs had much better posability. I would easily
    pay 2-10$ extra per mech if their mechs included extra parts for better

  4. I love that while Jang is building, Zane’s mech is turning each time to see
    Jang build his opponent.

  5. wait a minute the ghost mech kinda looks like the samurai X mech!! maybe
    the ghosts possesed it so nya and the other ninjas (speaking jay) Are
    trying to get it back!!

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