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  1. #LEGO #Bionicle Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder build & review! Be sure to see
    the *video description* for complete answers to all of the top, most asked

  2. Skull Grinder’s head + mask reminds me of a Deathclaw’s head!
    Awesome review as always, Jang.

  3. What’s odd is the design of Skull Grinder looks like it could accommodate
    two extra friction gears in each arm.

    Well, I’m sure at least sapping the extra 8 parts off other sets or
    bricklink wouldn’t be too terribly hard. The magic of lego shines through.

  4. When we didn’t get the mask in Gen 1 in its pure form until 2009 (Still
    have Toa Mata Nui together with the mask)

  5. arent the villaisn supposed to come out in august? we’re barley out of june
    now so how did you get it?:)

    i love skull grinder’s hubcap shoulders:D adds a lot of bulk and the
    cyllindrical swivel joint makes it look like he can pack a whallop:D

    also is it just me or does the cranial part of his mask look like the
    “thorax’ of a skull spider? cuz if so does it mean he has a connection
    with them?

    it is speculated that skull skorpion was a construct made by skull grinder
    using the mask of creation, maybe he created the skull spiders the same way
    and basiclaly animated simple masks:D

  6. Oh, sure. I still have to wait one month for this wave to come out and
    you’re torturing me with this teaser. WHY?!!! The only way you can appease
    my impatience is by reviewing the other four sets.

    Seriously, though, thank you for the review. It really does make me look
    forward to wave 2. Now to wait for Lego to retconned the Toa’s character

  7. For some reason, while I completely agree with +JANGBRiCKS on the issue
    that the first wave of Bionicle 2015 needed more villains (the Skull
    Spiders were pathetic and LoSS wasn’t too great either), I do feel that it
    was the designers paying tribute to the original Bionicle, which didn’t
    start releasing villains in tandem with heroes until 2008. It was usually
    villains first and heroes later in the US (Barraki were winter 2006/spring
    ’07, Mahri came in the fall/summer of ’07).
    This is probably the only set I’m getting out of the summer Bionicle wave –
    the rest aren’t as appealing.

  8. How would Skull Taker’s legs stand up to play? The thighs look awfully thin
    to be honest.

  9. Despite this wave being rather disappointing in quantity. This set and the
    rest of the skeleton baddies are pretty quality. As soon as I saw images of
    this set, it was a must-buy for me, so I’m glad you only confirmed that.
    Looking forward to the rest of your reviews of the Summer 2015 sets!

  10. I like these villains’ skeletal motif,
    but on the other hand, I miss the likes of the beetle-like Bohrok and the
    reptilian Rahkshi as their designs were very distinctly different from the

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