25 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory set 21302

  1. cool set. but i don’t like big bang theory it’s cheesy jokes and they put
    the audience laughing for literally everything they say

  2. It is pretty damn overrated but the first couple season were at least good
    but i cant even watch it anymore

  3. I wonder what else will be released? I am hoping for Dragon ball, Power
    rangers, or kamen rider dragon knight

  4. Just a suggestion but just take off the hands for the figures? I didn’t see
    any flesh on the actual torsos. 

  5. i like how although you dislike the show, you could still appreciate that
    this set’s level of detail is magnificent

  6. I wonder how can so many people from lego community dislike TBBT. It’s an
    awesome tv show! People should stop having different opinions, than I have

  7. you have made a mistake you gave bernadet the head of amy and amy has the
    head of bernadet

  8. I wonder if someone submits a Lego Five Nights at Freddy’s project. I do
    not have enough parts to make one though. Also, each setting is huge.
    They’d be expensive. I would get this set for parts, for I dislike the Big
    Bang Theory 

  9. I’m not into the show either but I do like some of those pieces quite a
    lot. Cute minifigs too.

  10. Jang you put the two female heads with glasses on the wrong bodies. Blonde
    eyebrows with the blonde hair, black eyebrows with the black hair. =)

  11. Lol you accidentally gave Bernadette’s head to Amy and gave Amy’s head to

  12. I am slightly annoyed they didn’t print many of the items on the shelf (as
    they were in the original Ideas set). The globe needs to be printed, at the
    moment it looks like a pointless blue ball. And the microfigs should have
    been printed like Marvel and DC characters. Lego have the licence, so I’m
    not sure why they didn’t.

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