25 thoughts on “LEGO Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion review! set 75904

  1. You are the best like where can i get the scooby doo box can you tell me

  2. What’s this? Small, clear windows with brown frames?


  3. The Lego community is probably the best community out there I see no hate
    comments or anything and just all these people be inspired to build Lego 

  4. Another great video, Jang.
    Please tell me if these sets are based off the classic Scooby-Doo Where Are
    You series.
    Kids these days have never seen the original series and they probably never
    It seems Hanna-Barbara and Warner Bros still keeps making all these bad
    direct-to-DVD Scooby-Doo specials.
    They should have stopped after Zombie Island or maybe Monster Of Mexico,
    but they come out with a new one every 2 weeks.
    What are you gonna do with the sets Warner Bros sent you?

  5. AMAZING set! I agree it’d be better if it had more space inside the
    building to pose all those figures, and I, sincerely, think we did not need
    that many villains, but I am grateful for them anyway.
    My girlfriend is a die-hard fan of ScoobyDoo, I think these sets will be
    the ones to hook her up on Lego, then maybe, just maybe, she won’t think it
    is that weird for me to have toys decorating my room (I have some Lego City
    and Mixels sets, but other stuff too).
    Also, that carnivorous plant looks like a mini Mixel, in my opinion. Add
    some slimy pieces to it and it’d fit right with the Glorp Corp!

  6. Lovely review for a lovely set! I think there is enough things to play with
    that makes this set feel worthwhile now that you’ve done this review, and I
    can’t wait to get it! I hope my friend +bekindsorewind who’s a little on
    the fence with this set sees this review! :)

  7. Hey Jang. Is the cape on the vampire one piece that is red on one side and
    black on the other. Or is it 2 capes stacked on each other.

  8. You need to figure out how to stack all the characters on the motorcycle.

  9. +JANGBRiCKS the carnivous plant is audrey II from little shop of horrors
    musical (not the original movie)

  10. Hey, Jang, what is your favorite 3 dimensional shape? Mine is Mobius’ strip
    because it has only 1 side!

  11. I grew up with the original series, so this old-style look is very welcomed
    by myself. I remember all of the villains featured in the sets, although I
    wish they included the Miner 49er and Space Kook in their own sets. In
    spite of that, I think that I could make my own with parts that have been
    released previously. All in all, this is one of my favourite themes from
    Lego. Now all we need is a classic 1980s A-TEAM theme!

  12. They should make minifigure packs for all of the different monsters and
    villains throughout the shows

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