24 thoughts on “Mega Bloks Halo Promethean Warriors set review!

  1. Finally, I can have an army of promethians! ALSO, amazing reference,
    everyone knows that Donut could have gone pro.

  2. finally more prometheans we’ve needed more of these for a while they’ve
    mostly been focusing on the Spartans so its nice to get a new color of an
    already cool figure set

  3. That structure reminds me of the structure on spartan ops where infinity is
    getting boarded. Its on the first chapter of episode 5 I think. Or episode

  4. Your comments on the red highlights on the Promethean soldiers are

  5. I got this set today! As I was building it, I noticed the power
    supply-pylon(the tall blue tower) had a very similiar shape as a *sentinel*
    . So, I took it apart, and was able to build a REALLY nice sentinel using
    ONLY the pieces from it.

    Unfortunately, I broke 3 pieces in the process; I now have to get them
    replaced. BUT their website doesn’t have this set programmed in yet, so I
    can’t get it replaced!!

  6. I want h these videos to support Jang, but mega bloks isn’t for me. I feel
    like the heavy reliance of custom molded bricks for their sets are a cop
    out. I’ve had mega bloks before (nothing in the past 10 years) and can
    easily identify Mega blok bricks vs Lego bricks.

    You mentioned in another comment that their quality has gone up in recent
    years, but I’m just a lego purist.

    Neat set though, keep up the good work!

  7. I definitely am looking to take apart that Forerunner construct for its
    clear pieces, since I’m working on replicating a canon Forerunner structure
    from Halo Wars!

    Let’s just say that having to fight Prometheans who were stationed at said
    structure would be your greatest gaming nightmare! They’d probably never
    die *hint hint*

  8. I cannot tell you how long I have waited for this set to be made. I sent
    mega bloks an email about two years ago and it looks like they got the

  9. Hey, Jang, will you by any chance be making reviews of the Mega Bloks
    Despicable Me sets? They may be old (I really don’t know), but they just
    arrived at my local toy store (I live in Brazil), and I am almost sure my
    girlfriend would be willing to collect those with me. It’d be useful
    getting reviews from you. Thanks!

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