25 thoughts on “Minions Fruit Roll-Ups TASTE TEST! HobbyFrog + HobbyBear HobbyKidsTV

  1. Hi hi kids TV on the huge fan I love it was common everyday and you’re the
    best youtubers in the world I hope you guys do the Twinkies minions we can
    decorate the minions any when you want it and eat the stickers

  2. I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo frist commenter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope
    you comments back to me

  3. Oh man im in brazil i miss those!!! 😍😍😍 oh man hobby baby is growing
    soon u snd evry one cant call him hobby baby any more!!! Ill miss his cute
    funny hobby baby times😦😔 but time comes. Love ur vids!!!

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