25 thoughts on “A look through a LEGO catalogue from 1972!

  1. Jang u are amazing u are my favorrite lego youtuber i love your style and
    unlike some other people u play with lego how it was suppose to be played
    with. keep up the great. no FANTASTIC work!

  2. I still have some of this lego myself from my dad! Mostly gears and 1 blue
    engine where you have to push wheels with metal ends into. 

  3. I love the old catalog videos please please please do more of them there so
    interesting since I’m into older stuff, old cars, old tvs ect.

  4. I love these old catalogs. I would spend hours reading them as a child.
    Keep these videos coming!

  5. Ha, waaaay before my time.

    Also, I assume you were talking about Brio when you mentioned the wooden
    railway stuff? Either way, I’m having flashbacks to how amazing it was, and
    regretting selling it .-.

  6. Wished that you thought about your Lego city more about putting some sort
    of transportation area that leads out of your city like an airport even
    though u can’t afford that into your Lego city.

  7. Jang, any chance you could review some of the lego kingdoms sets, I actualy
    enjoyed those sets more then I did the main castle theme, I enjoyed them
    more because I think red and green are more attractive colours, and also
    because the ‘enemy’ side didnt use magic, which made it easier to imagine
    that they might not be evil, and might have theor own good intentions.
    Anyway sorry for ramble, but they were my favourite of the castle series.
    if u could get your hands on a few of those to review I would realy
    appreciate it. Thx for reading, and I look forward to more exellent content

  8. i have a bunch of original lego magazines from like the 80s and i got them
    from goodwill for 5 bucks

  9. Well Jang, if you want those track pieces so bad you should order them
    from… the Catalogue!!…

    …I’ll, uh, I’ll just go now…

  10. At some point in my childhood I must’ve come across that conveyor belt when
    you mentioned it I got a big flash back but I can’t think who would have
    had it, it wasn’t me. I’ll have to investigate possibly a neighbours
    parents or maybe a babysitter. Was great to see this catalogue.

  11. I love this! It also makes me feel bad about throwing any Lego literature
    out back in the day… I still have a lot of old stuff, but nothing quite
    as vintage as this!

  12. I loved the wooden trains as well, I was trying to get my mom to buy a set.
    I tought that we had to go to the toy store with a huge bag of coins 🙂
    Never gotten the set though… By the way, were you talking about Brio?

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