25 thoughts on “What is going on EPiCNATION Family!

  1. Thank you to everyone who watch the whole video! is very important to me
    that you know, what is going on with the channel. :)

  2. Why dont anyone make a story book of Jurassic Craft???
    At least people can read while there bored….
    I’m asking like this because i like to read book alot….
    Please anyone make a story book so it will be more fun. 

  3. I used to watch Xcraft and loved it and was crying when I saw it wasn’t on
    the schedule but I still liked the schedule it was just your role plays are
    so good and eh well EPIC.so my question was could you please shove a role
    play in where it says random? Thanks 

  4. CyanideEpic: I actually love the fact that you’re going family friendly! I
    don’t see why it’s so bad to not swear. So many channels are ignored
    because they don’t swear. Im hoping that won’t happen to yours. Btw love
    your role plays, and all the content on your channel. keep being awesome!

  5. If you have time can you do more xcraft. I know that you are busy but i
    really miss it

  6. Thanks for the update, really nice to keep us updated on the vids Hope
    you’re feeling better! :P

  7. Hi Cyanide I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos and I would actually like to talkto
    you in a private chat if that is ok with you btw HOW ARE YOU!!!!!

  8. Thanks for putting this video out. Jurassic craft and Mythos craft are my
    favorite role plays. I love the plot set up and I’m sure anything you guys
    come up with will be amazing!

  9. Cyanide by the way in galaxy wars to throw a light saber press the button
    that is set to drop an item! And I hope you get better soon! 🙂 

  10. Thanks for giving all of us an update!
    I hope you get well soon.

    I enjoy all that you post so it’s ok

  11. I really love your channel and i always look forward to your videos. Also I
    hope you get better soon.

  12. It’s great that you keep as inside your every week schedule so that we know
    what’s happening and about the Internet problem the next time you don’t
    have Internet go to Mc Donald’s to upload a video. Lol jk I feel you I am
    carently trying to to watch the vid with 0.256kbps and it’s just not

  13. Is Epic Craft ever comming back? It was a really cool series. But I am
    happy with whatever you post. 🙂 Love the vid CyaNide.

  14. +CyaNideEPiC I am sick too but I hope you get better soon so I can watch
    your vids and be like yay cyanide is better and then I will be happy so I
    hope you get better 

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