25 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter from 2009! set 8017

  1. I actually did get this set…unfortunately it’s been disassembled. I
    personally like the straight wings of the regular TIE Fighter better than
    the curved wings of this one, but that’s just me.

  2. Although I’m not a fan of Star Wars myself *dramatic pause to allow people
    to gasp* I’ve always had a great respect for Star Wars Lego models

  3. This was an amazing set. Too bad many never got the chance to get it. I
    remember it also came with as a super pack with a Rebel Scout Speeder and
    an Imperial DropShip for a really good deal.

  4. I kinda liked the first TIE fighter (the “older version”, as you call it)
    better. Maybe because it was the one I’ve had, though.

  5. I used to have this set but,it kept falling apart.just like every other
    star wars set from that era

  6. Hey Jang, could you maybe review the new AT-DP set? I want to know if it’s
    worth it of not.

  7. Yep. The Advanced was my favourite in Xwing vs TIE.
    The normal Fighters were the weakest in the whole game. They were laughable
    and a pain to fly. The Advanced was the most powerful in the game and
    really exciting to fly and play with the energy distribution.

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