25 thoughts on “Cities Skylines Gameplay: CARGO HARBOR!!! E16

  1. I haven’t even watched the video and it is great allready !!! Shut up and
    take my like :)

  2. Maybe the industrial zone causes them to stop importing the specific goods,
    and since they have no workers, no goods get produced… thus leading to
    that issue.. i never tested that tho.

  3. I can’t stand SIM type games, BUT… I watch your episodes because they
    are just so damn entertaining!

    Thanks Slip

  4. This is such an amazing series really appreciate it man. Sorry to see it
    not doing so hot. But I love love it keep it up! Been a long one supporter
    and you’ve really been doing a good job! Keep it up!

  5. foot paths might be useful to help place certain things like parks or
    monuments, great vid though sl1p

  6. You can make a new District and call it stupid people town and don’t put
    schools there and it should fix your problem. And put it near the
    industrial zone so they can go to work easy with bus. 

  7. I’m running my city at 160k population, all highly educated. The not enough
    workers notification goes away after a while. Just give the people a
    convenient way to get there (metro, free public transport). 

  8. Hey Slip,
    i think you got the airport with the metropolis achievement – maybe they
    want goods from further away and complaining because of it? i cant think of
    another reason why they got no goods to sell :)

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