25 thoughts on “LEGO classic Town Tactical Patrol Truck from 1985! set 6632

  1. Small, straightforward, hey, you want a parking ticket? Small, quick funny
    moc idea; a police smart car to give out parking tickets. Just a quick

  2. Ah the old mini figs head…. Wait Jang did i hear you say LEGO town???
    What is That!?!?!?!

  3. Imagine a scene where a bankheist is going on and there´s an S.W.A.T.-Team
    waiting for their tactical equipment (Because they weren´t able to bring it
    by themself of corse xP) And then this trucks drives towards them packed
    with wallcharges, vests, etc. It´s just funny in my opinion ^^ But I love
    these old townsets they are unique :3

  4. didn’t like initial red wheels. Don’t know why lego kept using red for
    wheel during that time

  5. Saw it in catalog then & liked its color combination. Tried to build it
    with my Lego cargo set but I wished I had the police & other panel pieces

  6. A Idea for your Lego city, you should make a quarantine zone. I think that
    would be kinda of fun to make and would add a great touch to your city. But
    I love the reviews great job!!

  7. Are the headlights original? They look like trans-neon-yellow, while all
    the sets in that era had trans-yellow headlights (trans-neon-yellow wasn’t
    invented yet 😉 ) Cool video though, nice memories coming up!

  8. 0:12: What? Not a highspeed pursuit vehicle? Well, little is known that
    the TPT 6632 was actually the fastest police vehicle of this period. That
    comes from the Studonol-injector underneath the flatbet.
    Of course most of the street rowdys in town fell for the unobtrusive
    appearance of the truck, so that patrols with this vehicle had the highest
    success rate on speeding offenses and other pursuits. In the early classic
    Town sets you see many policemen, but no delinquents, don’t you? Thanks to
    the TPT 6632 they were all in jail!
    The first thug minifigs came in 1996, at this time their detention was
    over. Nevertheless great review. =)

  9. Jang Hello, I wonder if they ever do line analysis of lego “adventurers”
    (all of them, the Egyptians, the jungle, the Jurassic island and orient
    expedition) as it would Interesting. Greetings from Argentina :)

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