25 thoughts on “LEGO Chima King Crominus’ Rescue review! set 70227

  1. Have u done a review on the mars mission Mothership, or the powerminers
    titianium rig

  2. Im really sorry , but I personally think that the fire chi power function
    on the helicrokter should have been better. I expected more for a big
    vehicle like that . Also I think the way they make the rotors spin is a bit
    untidy with the rubber band showing like that . Also Laval’s vehicle
    reminds me of Jai’s thunder rader from ninjago reboted.

  3. Hello jang! Now i had the ad whit a trailer for a horror movie again. And
    there is so many kids watching so can you disable “Scary” ads? Is that

    Otherwise nice video!

  4. I love the building for the Ice Tribe. This set is a must-have for me, just
    because of that amazingly detailed structure. 

  5. the king crominus and cragger’s head already put it on the wrong body
    because cragger’s one eye is blinded and king crominus doesn’t has any
    problem with the eye

  6. In my opinion I think the helicrockter looks like an u[scaled Lavertous
    twin blade set.

  7. I never really like this series as a whole, but I did like the minifigures.
    The use of head molds was an interesting design choice by LEGO and I loved
    the transparent leg and arm pieces on the minifigures. I was only able to
    grab a small poly bag from the series back when the series started and I
    have never got an actual set. Now that chima is slowly coming to a end, I
    wish I had all the minifigures from chima. Unfortunately, I only have one
    minifigure from chima.

  8. Yeah, I would’ve been more inclined to get this earlier in the year when
    Chima was still of interest to me.

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