25 thoughts on “LEGO City Utility Shuttle review! set 60078

  1. One problem with this one and the big one: they have the same payload while
    the shuttle is twice as big. Why don’t they ever do Hubble or something

  2. This one does look a little more worth its money. I like just the fact that
    all the action features are packed onto such a small scale model. It makes
    it feel like you’re getting more value, more play value, for your money and
    that’s always a good thing! Yes, Jang this one is definitely a successful
    set by my standards!

    Can you review the Ninjago Titan Mech Battle next? I saw the 60 second
    build for it, and I’m excited to see its review!

  3. Your right. I think this set is better then the big set. Greatings from

  4. I cannot believe Jang can like this set,but dislike the Final Flight of
    Destiny’s bounty.
    155-25 bucks?!?!?!-unbelievable
    No offense,Jang,I like your videos,but,as a Ninjago and City fan,there are
    some things I have to disagree with you on,even though that doesn’t happen
    very often.

  5. A good Star Wars set! But R2-D2 looks a little bit too shiny, and I wasn’t
    remembering there were two C3-PO… 😀 ;)

  6. To be quite honest I agree with you Jang. This shuttle seems to do
    everything better that the larger one. I think would be cool if maybe you
    did some custom work to bring it up to par with the other set. Keep up the
    good work Jang!!!!

  7. Needs an arm. Don’t quite know where it would fit in there, but it needs
    one… Just sayin’…

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. what about the blue power

  9. I love that a child who’s mom/dad may have said no to the bigger one but
    yes to this one,can come here and see a fair and positive review of it.
    Even many of us adults can’t always get the biggest most expensive things
    we want. I like how fair your reviews are without bringing the toy or
    anybody down.

  10. Canadarm! Yes, someone else who calls it by name. NASA just calls it the
    robotic arm..

  11. Are you going to set up a place in your city for the space lego sets that
    would be really cool

  12. Once i buy this i’ll just had the wheels from the batcopter they’re pretty
    small so it will look right

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