25 thoughts on “LEGO city update & walkthrough Jun. 2015! 246 sq. ft. layout!

  1. I’m really sorry if you already answered this question previously, but are
    you planning to (eventually) replace all the official LEGO stuff in your
    city with your custom stuff? Or will it remain a mix of everything?

  2. Your lego city is one of the best lego cities I’ve ever seen, also your my
    favorite you tuber.

  3. That was an excellent overview! I love the underwater scene. The
    residential area does look very LEGOy vibrant… do you plan to have your
    custom residential area that bright, or are you going for a more realistic

  4. Hey jang, I’m planning to make a lego city like yours, any tips to start

  5. Hey jang you should build an elevator down to the bottom section of your
    planetary defense force base

  6. For the Industrial Section, perhaps you could build the Big O, gazing over
    across the city, with it capable of holding a minifig? It’s be something of
    great difficulty, but I’m sure you would easily overcome any challenge,
    cause you’re JangBricks!

  7. Jang,maybe,just maybe, you could put atlantis in there!It would fit right
    in!Would also please atlantis lovers.

  8. Maybe make the police station look more like a New York police precinct,
    using a similar color pallet to the fire station, and use those dark tan
    bricks and stuff. Just and idea.

  9. Wow Jang! You’ve really come a long way! Think of your city two years ago,
    and look at it now! This thing is epic! You should be really proud!

  10. What are you going to do with all dem bricks when you finish it?

    I wouldn’t say no to a giveaway :)

  11. If you like underwater stuff and trains… Then
    I’m waiting for an underwater train :P

  12. since you really like the underwater themed lego sets why not check out the
    old aqua raiders sets, you could have a ‘deep sea’ area for the larger sea
    creatures that come with the sets, aqua raiders was my favorite lego theme
    just behind bionicle :)

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