25 thoughts on “MYTHOS CRAFT | ARTHUR’S FOOLS QUEST | Minecraft Mods Role Play #10

  1. Love this series. Hope it goes for a long while. Keep it up and stay

  2. +TheCyaNideEPiC Can you at least put jurrasiccraft season 4 on your
    channel please?

  3. thank you guys for making these videos! Kudos, Never give up Cyanide,
    you’ll find your brothers.

  4. I love your videos! Like mythos craft!
    I really hope you find Carlo and Tyler
    Don’t loose hope! I can’t wait till next episode

  5. Aww the way he said he heard Carflo… SO SAD!!! *sniffle* This is so
    entertaining!!!! GAAAH

  6. arthur is clearly carlo speaking I know that because the way he said ” Take
    it I don’t need it anymore!” was so like I don’t know how to say it sassy I
    guess like carlo is ALL the time. or it’s chris and I’m just being stupid.

  7. Crazy idea what if that old dude is really old CyaNide and old Chris is
    dead or still trying to find a way out 

  8. I love how everyone’s acting is so good if you want another idea for a
    series I got one. I’d like to see how you’d act it out or rather come up
    with your own ideas for it. just a thought lol.

  9. I think that old man is cyanide in the future because he kept on repeating
    I used to be like him and that he lost his loved ones.

  10. Just a stupid thought. What if the old man is Cyanide from the past like as
    in young Cyanide’s time. He did say he lost everyone and everything he
    cared about.

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