23 thoughts on “LEGO Creator Changing Seasons 3 versions reviewed! set 31038

  1. I think your vids are good and fun but I don’t like your opinions sometimes

  2. The second build was interesting and in my opinion i think those might be
    skulls not ghosts

  3. +JANGBRiCKS this set would be amazing for brickfilming! Thank you for
    reviewing this, as you have put this on my radar of sets to buy.

  4. You know, this set is in Lego Worlds. And the car is *ridiculously* fast.

    Also, Jang, when you are done with LJW, will you play Lego Worlds?

  5. I like that you can change it all around, but my favorite setting inside
    and out has to be the winter wonderland they had going on. Hot dog snow
    blower takes the cake.

  6. Heh, the Summer build making you think of Christmas works when you’re an
    Australian like me :P

  7. Great review Jang. You are definitely my go to for reviews. This is one I
    have had my eye on since seeing it from the toy fair pics. I like it alot.
    Gonna probably buy it. Thanks again.

  8. It’s like you need two of these sets because the house looks like it was
    cut in half.

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