25 thoughts on “LEGO DC Super Heroes Batboat Harbor Pursuit review! set 76034

  1. I’ll admit, I find the command center pretty jarring when it is fully
    deployed. Not very inconspicuous.

  2. i really wish they gave Deathstroke a helmet and not a head cuz it just
    looks weird and a sword holder on the back of him but its ok. and i thought
    Batman had boots on him in this set or is that only in the Joker Land?

  3. This sets okay. I like the Minifigure and deathstrokes boat, batboat is
    pretty cool. Great review Jang!

  4. I don’t really follow comics but isn’t (from what i’ve seen) Deatstroke
    supposed to black and orange not dark blue?

  5. Great review Jang! Really, I was going to get this set mainly for the
    figures, but now that you’ve shown some cool play features that went under
    my radar… I’m more hyped for this set! I LOVE the mini-control tower, and
    the boats splitting off is pretty neat.

  6. I’m always looking for new computer monitor and keyboard pieces to come out
    for potential future mocs. But this set does have some other cool features
    to and I might get it eventually when I get more money and after I’ve got
    my current collection sorted better than it is currently.

  7. Pretty weak…

    The set is weak. Not your review. Your reviews are the best on YouTube.

  8. Ugh! It happened again. I just realized I was unsubbed. Anyways, I subbed
    back *again,* thanks for a great review!

  9. Death stroke needs armor and half black half orange face, not just a
    quarter of it black and the rest orange

  10. Deathstroke looks pathetic. Maybe black head with orange printing would
    have worked better. Or give him a re coloured Iron Man helmet, something
    similar to his LEGO Batman 3 look.

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