20 thoughts on “LEGO DC Super Heroes Brainiac Attack review! set 76040

  1. Hello, I have been watching this channel for about 3 years or so and I have
    enjoyed every bit of it. Until recently. I’m 13 years old and almost on a
    daily basis play or build with lego. When I’m not in school but away from
    my Legos I watch all of Jang’s videos. Please don’t take this offensively
    when I ask for more mocs to come out. I have watched for along time now
    expecting a general new video about mocs or customs at least once out of
    every two weeks. Set reviews are great and all but eventually it gets to be
    about the same thing. I know that most of your time is taken with work and
    the moving process but can custom builds videos come out. I’m going to be
    honest I’m starting to get bored of watching all these set reviews, a few
    people like myself look for ideas or motives to build something because I
    love to be creative. Set reviews are an ok thing to do but review after
    review gets old and not much creativity is happening. I know you like to do
    things the way you want to do them and I respect that (you usually state
    that you don’t care what other people say or tell you what you should do)
    but to be honest they can help improve your channel. I’m not telling you
    how to run your huge lego channel, but I am asking for you to do something
    creative. Once again please don’t be offended or take it as though I’m
    trying to make you look bad. I’m simply just asking that something new
    could come out that’s custom. (By the way I absolutely enjoyed the custom
    train and if I could I’d give it at least 100 likes.)

    One of your channels fans

  2. Jang man you are the person with the most Legos I have ever seen keep up
    the good work

  3. Im so frustrated I cant get this set anywhere where I live and they’re
    waaaaay overpriced online, I neeeeed those figs! Also great review Jang
    keep up the great work!

  4. I prefer the Martian Manhunter in this to the one in the polybag. This one
    has a more classic look to it.

  5. Great review as always Jang! I’m a pretty new AFOL (thanks to the movie)
    and I’m mostly interested for crazy spaceships, flying saucers, etc… If
    this one wasn’t super great, are there any themes you might recommend
    looking for? There’s a lot of Lego history to go through! Thank you!

  6. While I am not really a big fan of the Super Hero stuff in general, this
    set is actually quite nice.
    The minifigs are great for what they are and I definitely like the little
    space ship.

  7. Those tentical legs are used in the atlantice squid set though they only
    use the smaller bottom portion. Not much to do for articulation.

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