25 thoughts on “Cities Skylines Gameplay: CIRCLE SQUARE!!! E20

  1. Slip you might be interested in Pinstar’s “Cities Skylines Strategy &
    Tactics” series.. he’s playing on hard mode and while his city isn’t
    growing as mega fast the tactics he shows work great

  2. Hey Sl1p, consider grabbing the teraforming mod? That way you can fix the
    “slope too steep” problem.

  3. +Sl1pg8r – Minecraft, Mods, and MOAR! you missplelled Circle in the title
    you spelled it CIRTCE

  4. You have to have the cargo have a separate exit track. so have the trains
    on different tracks. have the passenger trains stay away from the cargo
    train exit.

  5. methinks it’s a really good thing none of those boats is the Exxon
    Valdez….. That circular area.. you could have named it “BullsEyeTown” or
    “DartBoardTown” or maybe “PieVille”

  6. Great video +Sl1pg8r – Minecraft, Mods, and MOAR! I’m starting to consider
    buying this game because you make it look so fun! 

  7. Sl1p you will have more people at the airport if you put in a bus line and
    a metro. Xisuma has those two and he has around 300+ people a week to try

  8. Slip, try giving each rail is own “circuit” completely separate from all
    the others. Put one cargo and one passenger train depot on each rail and
    see if it stays backed up.

    But yeah, cutting them all off from one another might help.

  9. Idk if anyone commented but….. Cirtce Square? haha title typo Slip 🙂

    Edit: I see you already fixed it my bad

  10. I wish you’d do more of the things you do off-camera, on camera. Those
    little details are interesting to watch!

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