25 thoughts on “LEGO city update Mar. 28, 2015 – Slow progress

  1. Any ways you should do a custom lego freddy fazbears pizza( from five
    nights at freddys) 

  2. Looks great so far Jang! This is the first video I remember a mention of an
    underground portion of the Planetary Defense Force area… so excited to
    see that!

  3. Cool Vid!
    Since you have built your awesome ambulances using some European design
    ques, It would be cool if you built a doctor car to go with your hospital,
    I have scoured youtube, and have yet to find a person that has built a
    hospital with a doctor car. In a lot of European countries, ambulances
    respond with a doctor car, and it might be a cool way for you to be
    different than all of the other youtubers. I do commend you on your choice
    to make the hospital trans-light blue instead of all white.

  4. I think that cool addition to your city would be if you put the avengers
    tower anywhere in your city.

  5. Hey Jang I really love you’re videos and your custom city and I was
    wondering do you have any tips on how to make better lego stuff?

  6. I saw the Sea Cow on the fireplace. You should put it in the ship yard for
    one video.

  7. Jang you should defiantly showcase some your Mocs at lego conventions like
    brick fair 

  8. Random thought: It’d be fun if the police department was called the NJPD
    (New Jang Police Department). I don’t wanna be the guy that’s like, “HEY
    JANG, DO THIS!1!”, but it was just a funny idea I had.

  9. I’m so glad lego made the “BrickSeperator” tool thingy, it’s extremely
    useful and you don’t have to hurt ur fingers trying to get a 1×2 plate, off
    of a 1×2 plate.

  10. Where is the link for the reason why there wont be an office tour? I did
    not see it in the description.

  11. May I suggest that instead of making a big bridge or whatever over the tiny
    harbor, you rework the track so it lines up in 2 tracks in the part by the
    zoo, kind of hard to explain what I mean in text… anyway just throwing
    out some ideas.

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