25 thoughts on “LEGO “Pencil Pot” house review! set 40154

  1. Well this is a neat idea. But even with my limited ability and creativity
    at custom lego building, i think i could probably make this on my own. So
    they arent providing me with much here.

  2. They actually do this a lot with lego. They have a LOT of sets in lego
    stores with these kind of “real life” items. Name tags, picture frames, and
    they relatively do use pencil pots a lot with lego. personally, i dont find
    that big of a use other than the pieces included.

  3. JANG! Glad you touched on this set, it really needs more attention. Such a
    lovely set, and I think you and I feel the same way even down to the main
    problem of the set. Great review as always!

  4. This is an awesome set! I’m definitely gonna get this. Although I would
    replace the yellow on the back of the roof with red

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