25 thoughts on “LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush review! set 75916

  1. I really like the design of the sets, i do wish they made some sets based
    on the orginal films though.

  2. Hmm they are using black axles again interesting…maybe they will make a
    full comeback 

  3. Disappointing I thought Gray was a girl! And the Dilopasarous needs a redo
    removable flaps and green fire as the poison.

  4. I think Lego needs to do a better job with their vehicle designs in
    general, at least in a practical sense. Seating for 1 minifig is just not
    good enough!

  5. I wish there was just a single stud on the white tiled sides for the roll
    cage to attach to when it’s down, so aligning it wouldn’t be an issue, like
    it appears to be in the video. Tilting it back would still be simple
    enough if they did that.

  6. Been playing too much Monster Hunter. Seeing the ‘saur model made me
    immediately think “Green Jaggi?”

  7. I cri evertim I watch a Jangbricks video because I know I will never have
    all these beautiful sets!

  8. I lot of children (myself included) would appreciate the fact that you can
    actually mount a minifig on the dinosaur. That’s a very complimentary
    feature, and I believe should be standard for most irregular figures.

  9. The usage of the tube and the crowbars remind me more of mocs rather then
    official sets. I appreciate this creative technique.

  10. Awesome!
    Lego did a fantastic job with the theme and I can’t wait to see the larger
    Very very good review as always Jangbricks

  11. Do you design your own sets?

    I designed all three Titan from the video game TitanFall, if you wanna see

    I appreciate your consistency of videos.

  12. love your reviews but I notice that you haven’t touched the T.N.M.T line.
    Wheres the love? lol keep up the great work.

  13. Lego seems to need to steal some of Mega Bloks’ build techniques for their
    sets. Pretty bad that Mega makes better vehicle sets than Lego now.

  14. I’m interested in this theme now, especially ’cause this set includes the
    Lego Classic Space seat.
    I am so getting this set.
    I remember years ago when they had Jurassic Park sets, but I only had the
    Does anyone else remember that?

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