25 thoughts on “LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Rampage review! set 75917

  1. I personally don’t like the set, and I hate it when Lego makes there
    vehicles like normal trucks and cars really big 

  2. Why lego why?!?!?! Always making there vehicles too big! It looks like a
    joke…it bothers me please lego make the vehicles in sets smaller and add
    terrain. It would make up for the lower parts count

  3. Thank you for reviewing this one. I plan on picking it up. Not for the
    Jurassic World stuff, mainly for parts, and the VELOCIRAPTORS

  4. The vet car is raised like that in the jurassic world movie so it is not
    really that differnt. You can see one in trailer 3.

  5. Hey jang if you are interested I am looking for someone to sell or give
    away my lego and mega bloks collection, if you are interested please inform

  6. Ahh I really want these sets..and I really want to see the movie..*AND* I
    want to play the Lego Jurassic World game.

  7. I’m sorry lego, but the truck in this set looks like complete garbage. It’s
    just a mumble jumble of a lot of over-exaggerated features. It could have
    been simpler, and the back could be a little less boxy. I mean, the top
    looks alright. The chassis needs a serious makeover though, which honestly
    isn’t that difficult. *shrugs* whatever sells though. Still a pretty nice
    set, good to get more dinos : )

  8. When you pulled the propellor out I literally thought you were going to put
    it on the box lol

  9. After the movie guardians of the galaxy star lord settles back down on
    earth and becomes a worker on the Jurassic world project. After the movie
    superman, Lex Luthor gives up his life as an evil villain and becomes and
    underpaid ACU officer.

  10. I like how they used an old car fender piece for the base of the turret. I
    am lacking a blue one.

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