25 thoughts on “LEGO Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture review! set 75915

  1. Totally getting all Jurassic park sets to make a moc and stop motion out of
    it to bad I’m to young to post YouTube videos

  2. Great review Jang! This set looks really cool but a bit too plain at the
    same time. Wish they redid the dino mold or just added a more interesting
    design for the chopper.

  3. cool but the last time i whatched you was 3 years ago i was looking on my
    subscribtions and i was like hey its jangbricks

  4. To be honest, I’m rather unimpressed by this set. Its action features lack
    the usability that action features in other sets seem to have, and look
    like they actually require some practice to be able to use properly. That
    doesn’t score well in my book.

    Personally, I think LEGO’s kind of missed their mark a little with this
    one. Looks pretty good on the outside, but I think I’ll polite pass.

  5. It’s strange that the ACU guy only has the one face given that 1. he comes
    with a helmet and 2. the face he has is super expressive.

  6. I think the guys face in the suit looks more like Jang than that other face
    he always uses :/

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