24 thoughts on “LEGO Mars Mission MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft from 2008! set 7644

  1. I don’t think Lego gave this enough guns. Double it to 200 or so and maybe
    it’d be okay, but it just seems a little sparse when it comes to firepower.

  2. I have that wing piece in a grey/green camo sort of pattern. Cant remember
    what set I got it from though…-

  3. My first set was a giant robot fighting the alien mother ship. It did have
    a disk blaster which is pretty swag

  4. I remember wanting lots of the sets with the Turaga Whenua drill staff
    because I never had the piece 🙂 loved these sets while they were out too

  5. Oh it brings up so many memory thank u jang for this epic review and
    regarding the two seperate removable aircaft i used a longer technic piece
    with more holes so i could attach both of the aircraft back to back again
    thank u for this awesome review

  6. I remember seeing adds for this it was so cool. I would have bought it but
    at the time I was mainly into city because of my age and interests

  7. Back of the ship could be a bit more close, it’s so open. Maybe just some
    side triangle shape plates or so to close a bit that whole open space.

  8. Great review and nice set. Reminds me of the Galaxy Squad Bug Obliterator,
    like that was an updated, streamlined take on this set.

  9. Amazing! This brings a lot of memories to many. It was such a fantastic
    successful theme, shame they discontinued it and replaced it with things
    like space police. Keep up with these reviews ! 

  10. Hi Jang, I appreciate diving into the in-depth look straight away. Makes it
    more efficient.

  11. ahh good old times. i remember the time when these waves came out. i loved
    it back then and i still like how they made them.
    lego should return this theme since allot of ppl actually liked it

  12. the last/middle human mini fig looks like the unstable guy who might be in
    works with the aliens or his own agenda stealing the gems to sell them on
    the black market

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