25 thoughts on “LEGO Technic Robo Riders “Power” from 2000! set 8514

  1. The green one was my very first lego set. It was the start of me collecting
    all of the roboriders and later Bionicle. I really enjoyed these when I was
    a kid. This one I believe was my second lego set ever.

  2. I get nostalgic for them just looking at them but they really weren’t as
    playable as Slizers or Bionicles, never really like the wheel designs as
    much as a collectable either

  3. Brings back memories. I had one back in 2000. And since I was 8 years old,
    I didn’t really follow all instructions, so I don’t remember mine having
    the “front wheel shooting thing” haha. And although I thought it was cool,
    my kid brother, who was 3! at the time, got a 1:24 scale VW New Beetle
    model, with opening doors and stuff. Guess if I was jealous… hahahaha

  4. I used to have some of these as a kid and played with them from time to
    time. The yellow one and the red and I think the green. Sadly though they
    got lost over the years :/

  5. Sadly when I was born in 2001 they were basically just selling them to get
    rid of them having been discontinued and Bionicle taking its place but I
    might have to pick one up

  6. hey you are one FaNtastic YouTuber And i made a Forbitten secret code in
    this comment.

  7. I think I have the printed front peice for this one and 2 for frost.

  8. I got dust! I really prefer slizers tho, nothing can beat those epic metru
    discs XD

  9. Onyx was the only one I ever got. Didn’t even have him for one day before
    my dog chewed up the wheels. So…. yeah, my experience with these is
    pretty limited. They are darn cool, though.

  10. I’m surprised that this roborider doesn’t have a kickstand. I know that the
    Onyx one I had did. Anyhow, I thought these guys were much cooler than the

  11. I had the whole set and built the big combo bike thing too. I think I
    preferred wave 1 of bionicle more though. It was easier to relate to
    humanoid figures and I definitely had more fun playing with them and using
    my imagination. I remember using some of the parts from these to modify
    the weapons for the bionicle guys.

    I sure wish the exo-force sets would have been out back then when I was
    younger, I would have had a blast with them. Probably still would today

  12. I remember considering getting this set back in the day, but I was too
    focused on Star Wars sets

  13. I had the red one as a kid! My dad bought it for me because I was ill. He
    thought it was a Lego brand hot drink because it was in a canister, Kinda
    like hot chocolate that comes as a powder.

    I was pretty happy about it!

  14. I actually had this one! It’s mechanism on the back was a bit weird to me
    as it was very slow… You had to spin it quite a bit of times for the back
    wheels to move at all. I also found the shooting mechanism very weird since
    it left you with a single wheel on the back. Im pretty sure i still have
    the pieces yet im not sure if i would rebuild this, i guess maybe for old
    times sake i could ^^.

    Were the wheels random? Im certain the ones i had didn’t have the same

  15. Great review! Thx a lot, Jang.
    Technic-Roboriders-Slizer-Bionicle-HeroFactory. So you get the transition
    from gears and Technic-beams to CCBS.
    Only little ist known, that The Great Beings made the RoboRideres, before
    they created Slizers and later Mata Nui and the Matoran.
    Soon they realized, that these guys where continuously driving and racing
    around and everywhere they went, they threw off their wheels. The roads on
    the RoboRider-planet were all day full of racing bikes and abandoned
    wheels, that hit objects and people and accidentily the Great Beings
    themselves. They got so annoyed by it, that they decided to make an end,
    and the RoboRiders disappeared in the flow of time. Next time they made a
    big creation, these beings had legs. The rest is well known.

  16. Same with onyx and frost, never understood why they didn’t figure out a
    kickstand feature.

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